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Keynote Speech I

Keynote Speech I

09:50am – 10:50am, June 25th (Monday) 2018 at KU Cinema Trap, Media Hall 4F


Hyo-Seong Lee

–    Chairman, Korea Communications Commission

–    Speech title: Global media companies and Internet ecosystem, Ways for win-win cooperation!

–    Outline: The speaker will explain the conflicts between global media companies and local Internet ecosystem, and, based on Korean context, he will present some ways for achieving win-win relationships.

–    Biography

Ÿ   Chairman (Minister level), Korea Communications Commission

Ÿ   Professor Emeritus of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Social Sciences, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea

Ÿ   Vice Chairman, Korea Broadcasting Commission

Ÿ   Ph.D. in Journalism, Northwestern University



Dae-Hee Kim

–    President, Korea Information Society Development Institute

–    Speech title: Korea’s ICT Policy: Now and the Future

–    Outline: Korea has become one of the world’s ICT powerhouses as the country has heavily invested in the area since 1980s. As seen in the famous case of CDMA technology developed by public research institute and commercialized by telecom companies, the Korean government’s ICT policy has largely contributed to the country’s success. We will review Korea’s ICT policy history and discuss what’s next in forthcoming hyper-connected and super-intelligent society.

–    Biography

Ÿ   President, Korea Information Society Development Institute

Ÿ   Standing member of Korea Communications Commission

Ÿ   Broadcasting, Information, and Communication Secretary, Presidential Office

Ÿ   Director of Informatization Communications Cooperation, Ministry of Information and Communication


Keynote Speech II

09:30am – 10:30am, June 26th (Tuesday) 2018 at KU Cinema Trap, Media Hall 4F


Yongseop Yum

–    President, SK Research Institute, Korea

–    Speech title: Digital economy, Digital society and Company in the 21st Century

–    Outline: The speaker will discuss how digital transformation has impacts on our economy, society and company in the 21st century, and present several implications for users, companies, governments and whole global society.

–    Biography

Ÿ   President, SK Research Institute

Ÿ   Senior researcher, Korea Information Society Development Institute

Ÿ   Ph.D. in Economics, Panthéon-Sorbonne


Chang Song

–    CTO, NAVER, Korea

–    Speech Title: AI: Not Artificial Intelligence, but Ambient Intelligence

–    Outline: In this keynote, after a brief introduction of Ambient Intelligence, the new endeavors by Naver Labs under the mission will be explained in detail.

–    Biography


Ÿ   CEO of NAVER LABS: founded NAVER LABS EUROPE by acquiring XRCE (Xerox Research Centre Europe)

Ÿ   R&D Head, NAVER

Ÿ   Engineer at DEC, HP, Microsoft and Apple

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session A

11:05am – 12:30pm, June 25th (Monday) 2018 at KU Cinema Trap, Media Hall 4F


Theme: The future of telecommunications

This plenary session aims to cast new light on the future of telecommunications, and to discuss implications from regulation, technology (i.e., 5G) and application (i.e., smart city) perspectives.


Chair: Seongcheol Kim, Professor, Korea University, South Korea


  • Georg Serentschy, Managing partner, Serentschy Advisory Services, Austria
  • Xiaojun Li, Head, 5G Integrated Solution Department of Huawei Korea & Japan Subdivision, China
  • Chi Hyung Lee, President, The Seoul Digital Foundation, South Korea
Plenary Session B

10:45am – 12:10pm, June 26th (Tuesday) 2018 at KU Cinema Trap, Media Hall 4F


Theme: Big data, IoT, and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an integrated system, processing  big data collected from the sensors of the IoT networks, finding meaningful implications (or reasoning), and providing various individualized services to consumers and organizations, including firms. AI is a fast growing and promising general technology but it is also likely to expose new social and policy issues. Panelists present business, privacy, and policy issues in relation with AI even though it covers only a limited topics of AI.

Chair: Youngsun Kwon, Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea


  • Stephen Schmidt, ITS Chair and Vice president, TELUS, Canada
  • Yu-li Liu, Professor, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
  • Hitoshi Mitomo, Professor, Waseda University, Japan